24 Hours Restaurant in Bali You Can Visit “Anytime” 2017.12.05

When the rest of restaurants in Bali begin to close, but you still want to have some foods or drinks and you do not know where to go and do not have a list on 24 hours restaurant in Bali. Luckily, Bali has some nice restaurants to visit without feeling worry other restaurants closed. Here are restaurants open 24 hours that you can visit anytime, whether it is early morning snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight late dinner.

1.   Nasi Pedas Bu Andika 


"Pedas" means spicy and it is true all of the foods here served in spicy taste. Located in Jalan Raya Kuta where the location is easy to be found as it is located on the surrounding of souvenirs shops. This local restaurant is always visited by spicy food lovers, however there are also some people who want to try Balinese or Indonesian cuisine and they come to this local restaurant. If you are keen to come and enjoy a nice taste of foods with an affordable price but don't want to have too spicy foods, ask the waiter which menu that is not spicy so you can mix of menus and not getting too hot at the end of the meals.

2. Warung Laota 


Situated near the Bali airport, this local restaurant is recommended for those who are a big fan of Chinese porridge. They have many choices of porridge you can try, starting from fish, duck, oyster, chicken and other delicious Chinese porridge and of course you can try them all in one of nice spot. Warung Laota is always ready to serve your hungry belly for breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight late dinner. Besides, Warung Laota will serve you a big portion of porridge, you also can share with your friends as 1 bowl normally can be shared with 2-3 people. 

3. Baku Dapa



Open 24 hours, Baku Dapa became an iconic as the after clubbing warung to visit to ease a night of drinking. Once you come to this restaurant you will be impressed with the old building design and furniture which is homey and down to earth. Don't forget to try the legendary oxtail soup which so tasty and full of flavor. The fact of oxtail soup of Baku Dapa is cooked nearly hours every day. You can imagine the taste and texture are beyond words as it is indeed the most delicious soup of its kind. This local restaurant is also easy to be found, go to Mertanadi, Kerobokan and look for Baku Dapa.

4. Soho Bali 



If you are looking for a great casual restaurant in Seminyak and opens for 24 hours, then Soho Bali is the answer. Soho is great spot to have a meal or drink. All of the menus are worth to try and they also have vegetarian options with reasonable price. This restaurant is also a nice place to enjoy burger in late midnight or early morning snacks. They often have live music along the night. The highlight of this place is the open layout. Looking onto the street may sound boring, but the experience of watching Bali "wake up" in early hours with a cool Bintang is pretty awesome. Casual and comfortable place to watch the world go by. 




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