Japanese Feature Film to be shot in Bali 2013.07.24

kamisamahabali_large The movie "Kamisama ha Bali ni iru" "(God is in Bali)" is going to be the first Japanese feature film to be shot in Bali. The movie stars Japanese actors, Tsutumi Shinichi, Machiko Ono and Hiroshi Tamaki, and is directed by Toshio Lee.

Production will start at the end of July and will  continue in Japan. The plot is based on the novel “Dekasegeba Daifugou”, written by Sho Kuroiwa.

It tells the story of Japanese millionaire Aniki meeting Sachiko who comes to Bali after failure in her career at a wedding agency in Japan. She comes to Bali to escape and meets Aniki who becomes her guru. Sachiko learns from Aniki how to succeed in life and get back on her feet.

Another character's life (played by Tsutsumi) also changes after he meets Aniki. Aniki’s character is based on a real-life person, a successful Japanese expatriate living in Bali. "God is in Bali" will be released nationwide in 2014.

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