Pro Surfer Rio Waida goes to officially hand Tokyo Olympic 2017.07.18

Since July 2017 PT. Kura Kura had supported Rio Waida a Japanese Indonesia pro surfer


Rio Waida is a young 17-years-old surfer who has great ability in it. He has joined international and national surfing championships and be the winner of it. Previously, he is a runner up of Rip Curl GromSearch Final International. Not only as a runner up of Rip Curl GromSearch Final International but also as the first place of Quicksilver Young Guns 2016, but now he is focusing on Tokyo Olympiad in 2020 and the biggest surfing company, Quicksilver will support Rio in this international championship.

In this blog entitled Pro Surfer Rio Waida goes to officially hand Tokyo Olympiad, we want to share some interesting things about Rio Waida as well as his latest update news.

At first, we will share about Rio Waida's biography and his career.


Rio Waida was born in Prefecture Saitama, Japan. He loves water activities since he was child, around 3 years old he started swimming. He knew surfing because his father who are from Indonesia and his mother who are from Japan are surfers. His parents used to bring surfboard to Chiba when they lived in Japan. Rio Waida went to Bali when he was 5, and after immigrating to Bali, Rio and his parents visited Kuta Beach and brought the surfboard, and it was the first time Rio did surfing with his mother help, saw how his mother surf, and he started surfing while seeing his mother style. When the waves began to drift, suddenly he stood up and handled the surfboard as soon as he could. Finally, when his mother saw what he did, she thought it was an initial talent of Rio Waida.

Rio then love surfing and be a pro junior surfer.

Here are some achievements that achieved by Rio Waida during this year's 2017:

1. February - Runner up of WSL NIB Pro Junior (World Pro Junior Championships in Newcastle Australia)

2. March  - Fifth place of WSL Subway Pro Junior Avoca (World Pro Junior Championships in Avoca Australia)

3. April - Runner up of JPSA Keramas Bali (In joining Japan pro surfer in Bali)

4. May - Runner up of WSL Komune Bali Pro (In joining world surf championship in Bali)

5. May - Runner up of Rip Curl GromSearch International Final Brazil

6. May - First place of Badung Bahari Festival Kuta, Bali 

7. June - First place of REnextop Asian Surfing Championship (held in Canggu, Bali)


In this month, there will be Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang that will be held in Padang Padang Beach Bali, and joined by all pro surfers over the world. The tournament only will be done if the waves are good enough to do the tournament, and Rio Waida is going to be a special player in this tournament.

So, let's support Rio Waida as a highly talented young surfer!

In addition, we will post other latest updates of Rio Waida on another post. 


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