Voltage & Plugs in Bali 2013.12.04

032 In order to document your Bali trip and capture all those fun holiday memories, you probably want to bring along every kind of gadget, including your camera, smartphone, or even a video camera.

If you're traveling from Japan, it's important to know that there's a big difference in the plug voltage of most appliances and electronics. In this post, we'll help you understand how to use your Japanese electric appliances safely in Bali.

Voltage and plug shape

If you want to use your Japanese appliance in Bali, you'll need to match both the plug type as well as the voltage to those used locally in Indonesia. Even if you were able to plug in your electrical device into an outlet, the incompatible voltage would cause the fuse to blow, potentially damaging and even permanently breaking your device.

Bali voltage - 220V

Japan's electrical voltage is the lowest in the world (only 100V) while Bali's voltage is much greater, at 220V. This big difference is what causes gadgets to blow, potentially ruining your chance to save all your holiday snaps.
Many personal electrical appliances, such as mobile phones, personal computers, digital cameras, hairdryers and shavers, now feature 240V but it's always a good idea to check this before leaving on your trip. Appliances such as fridges still have the low voltage, but many of the newer gadgets are available in higher voltages.
The issue of voltage compatibility can be avoided by purchasing electronics that have a higher voltage, if you know you will be traveling abroad. Voltage for country


A transformer is required if your appliance has a lower voltage than that of Indonesia. If the voltage does not support 220V, then you will need to purchase a transformer to convert the voltage and make it safe for use in Bali.
Transformers are sold at home centers in Bali, however it's recommended to buy one in Japan as they're smaller and lighter than the ones available in Bali. Prices start from ¥ 2,000. Travel converter

Same voltage compatible with 220V, just plug in!

If you have an appliance or electronics that are compatible with 220V, then you simply need to buy a an adapter for a C-type plug. Attach your device to the adapter and you can safely use at any electrical outlet in Bali.
C-type adapters are sold for around ¥ 100 yen to ¥ 200 at home centers in Bali, but it's recommended to bring one with you from Japan as not all home centers sell them in Bali. Adapters can be purchased for around ¥ 200 from electronics stores in Japan. C-type Plug

Don't forget your charger!

So you've packed your camera, laptop and smartphone, but what about all the chargers? If you forget your camera charger at home, the chargers for sale in Bali will not fit a Japanese camera so the next best option is to buy a completely new camera!
To avoid this unnecessary expense, remember to always make sure you pack in chargers for all your devices.

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